About Us

About UsAAmonte Bankcard is an emerging leader in the credit card payment industry. We provide full-service electronic payment solutions to small, mid-sized, and large businesses nationwide with fast authorizations, low processing costs, state-of-the-art terminals and POS software, reduced fraud, and charge-back assistance. Contact us today.

About AAmonte Bankcard

From computer processing centers located throughout the United States and from national headquarters located near Palm Springs, California, AAmonte Bankcard provides merchant payment services to merchants in the Continental United States and Hawaii.

Our national sales organization provides credit card processing services to merchants across the continental United States and Hawaii. AAmonte Bankcard is tailored to meet the unique needs and demands of merchants. Our staff possesses a combined 41 years of industry experience and we are committed to continued growth through superior customer service and fair pricing.

In today's competitive payment-processing environment, you need payment options merchants actually use. AAmonte Bankcard custom designs payment-processing services for each merchant. Through relationships with various banks AAmonte provides a wide range of customized merchant payment services, including credit card payment service, check conversion, check guarantee, and gift cards.

Most firms do not begin messages with a mission statement or motto. However, AAmonte Bankcard has a goal about which we are never shy: To be the premier merchant payment solution.

For sixteen years our staff members have dedicated themselves to providing a full range of payment services to merchants.

Others talk about their “strategic-partnerships,” “expertise,” and “synergies.” That is typical sales fluff. We are direct: we serve with plain talk and no excuses. We deliver payment solutions that are cost effective and no-nonsense. Hard answers. Real help with no sugar coating. We know customer service. In 2003, one staff member’s service team was rated the number two customer service unit in the United States. We serve clients with straight talk.

AAmonte Bankcard is about merchant service and sales representatives because it is managed by experienced salesmen. We are committed to the success of our sales representatives. Quick approvals and competitive pricing are features are available from any company, but we go further.

We take a team approach to build lasting relationships and build residual income. We want long term relationships with our merchants and our sales representatives.